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Custom Material for Lighting Applications

OptiColor is a leader in developing custom light diffusing materials for applications that require specific light transmission, diffusion, whiteness, color, and texture for LED lighting, skylights, signage, displays, automotive, stage lighting, and IR/NIR laser lighting.

  • High light transmission into the low 90’s for maximum efficiency and performance.
  • Superior diffusion that requires less material than competitive brands for significant cost savings.
  • Virgin resin customized with UV, impact, texture, matte, color, white, specific wavelengths, and other additives for acrylic, polycarbonate, SMMA, copolyester, and other engineered resins.
  • Highly reflective and light blocking whites for coextrusion and lighting end caps.
  • Formulated into concentrates or ready-to-use precolored material for consistently tight tolerances with every order.
  • Custom lighting grades for profile extrusion, sheet extrusion, and injection molding.
  • Short lead-times typically ranging from 5-15 business days ARO for custom material.

Contact our sales team to discuss your lighting project so we can work with you to formulate a material that is customized for your exact application.

(866) 369-5709 or sales@opticolorinc.com


NEW Textured, Diffused Polycarbonate PreColor

  • P143RWT739

Textured, Diffused Acrylic Concentrate

  • ACC2315WT

Matte, Diffused Acrylic Concentrates

  • ACC2170WT, ACC2201WT

Matte, Diffused Polycarbonate Concentrates

  • PCC2253WT, PCC2258WT