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Absorbing and Laser Dye Compounding

For over 25 years OptiColor has been an advanced leader in compounding specialty dyes for eyewear, safety lenses and sheet, medical, welding and laser, light filters, touch screens, night vision, sensor filters and other critical applications using near-infrared and visible absorbing specialty dyes we compound into high quality engineered resins. 

State-of-the-art spectrophotometers and lab equipment to test material and provide technical data for wavelengths, transmission, and other critical information.

  • Night vision lenses/goggles
  • Vision enhancing sun lenses
  • Welding and laser
  • Infrared absorbing for heat reduction
  • Laser absorbing eye protection
  • Laser glare shields
  • Visible opaque materials
  • HEV light absorbers
laser and absorbing dye lenses
laser and absorbing dye lenses
Absorbing and Laser Dye Compounding