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Full-Service Toll Compounding for Manufacturers and Resin OEMs

As a full-service custom color compounder, OptiColor offers full-service toll compounding to manufacturers, other resin producers, and distributors to provide pre-colored material and masterbatches, as well as private-label compounds. When you partner with OptiColor, you get to reap the benefits of over 25 years of scientific and manufacturing expertise.

As a United States corporation, we provide our tolling services locally and nationwide. We are able to consistently and accurately produce and manage rationalized products to improve your product line with specialty compounds.

Contract Manufacturing by Leading Color Compounder

OptiColor is committed to delivering the highest quality compounds you can find to satisfy your critical material requirements. Our contract manufacturing has allowed businesses of all different sizes across a wide range of industries to create consistent high-quality materials. Our facility is specifically equipped to ensure a successful batch every time with state-of-the-art technology and techniques applied.

Resin manufacturers and distributors rely on OptiColor to expand their product lines with our high-performance tolling services. We are able to work with strict product specifications, formulations, as well as raw materials. Contact OptiColor today to begin a partnership that will allow your company to effectively grow while offsetting expansion costs.