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Pre-Colored Compounds and Resins from OptiColor

With consistent quality for over 25 years, OptiColor is the only company that provides the most reliable pre-colored compounds and resins in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We harness new technology to stay ahead of challenges and changes in a constantly-evolving plastics industry.

OptiColor, the leading custom color compounder for consistently high-quality material, specializes in critical transparent, translucent and opaque applications. No matter your batch size, we can ensure a perfect batch run every single time. Our pre-color compounds provide exceptional dispersion, consistency, and color.

Color Compounding for Transparent Applications

At OptiColor, we focus on minimizing your manufacturing costs and turnaround times by ensuring each batch is perfect. Our quality control team checks for color consistency as well as making sure the material has absolutely no contamination or black specs. Our years of experience within the plastics industry means we can provide unmatched consistency and quality with minimal operator error and diminished chance of contamination.

OptiColor is one of the only color compounders in the United States uniquely equipped to provide superior quality compounded material to support all of your critical clear and colored transparent plastic needs. Whether you are in the eyewear industry or working on the next self-driving car, choose OptiColor for a perfectly colored resin every time.