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Custom Color Matching Services

OptiColor does not have “stock” colors and all of our materials are custom made-to-order while maintaining short 7-14 day lead-times. Don’t settle for out-of-the-box materials when our custom color matching services allow clients to have exactly the color they want and need with every batch.

Each color is custom developed for each individual client and your color choices are only limited by your imagination. We guarantee that 100% of every pellet will be 100% accurate to the approved color on every order every time.

Pantone Plastic Color Numbers

We will match any Pantone color and even modify them for tint at your discretion. This takes their extensive color library and effectively makes it limitless. In addition to Pantone, we also work with color numbers from most color and filter reference books or swatches.

Manufacturers supply a finished part or existing resin to be matched or reformulated, which gives us a commonly known colors such as Ferrari red, Corvette yellow, or a certain color from a sports team. We take this color that is readily available to match and apply to your resin or product.

State-of-the-Art Color Laboratory

Color formulating is done in our state-of-the-art color laboratory and usually takes approximately 2-5 days. Once a color is formulated, chips are sent to the customer for approval, a custom color number is assigned, and the formula is stored in our permanent color library.

Our team of highly educated color experts have a thorough understanding of color, light transmission, critical optical properties, and special additives that make us leaders in color development for the plastics industry. Contact OptiColor today to get started.