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Leading Custom Compounder of specialty dyes, additives, and colors used in critical plastic applications

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Providing Superior Quality Compounded Material To Support
All Your Critical Colored Plastic Needs

Industry-Leading Custom Color Compounding Company

OptiColor is an industry-leading custom color compounding company. We specialize in compounding custom-colored concentrates and pre-colored material into transparent, translucent, opaque, clear, whites, and colors for critical applications. We have the capability to incorporate any special additive into your custom color formulation—including impact, diffusers, UV, texture, processing aids, fluorescents, stabilizers, specialty dyes, glitter, and more. Using both single and twin-screw extruders, we are able to produce extremely high-quality color compounded material that provides maximum distributive and dispersive attributes. Our products and services include concentrates/masterbatch, pre-color compounds, tolling, and lab/color matching services.

Consistent Quality For Over 20 Years


  • Unmatched consistent quality… every time
  • Short lead-time
  • Quick color matching turnaround using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Low order minimums with no up-charge
  • Special effects & additives to make your material unique
  • Pre-colored compounded material, concentrates, and tolling services
  • New technology that stays ahead of challenges and changes in the plastics industry
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Critical Application No Cross Contaminates. Nobody Can Do What We Do!

Our Customizable Features Include:

  • Optical-grade PC formulated in dedicated clean rooms
  • OptiFrost™ custom light diffusing acrylic, PC, and co-polyester materials formulated for LED lighting
  • High quality OQ grade PC and nylon for the eyewear lens and frame industry
  • Optical grade PC material formulated with specialty dyes
  • Impact, texture, matte, dispersion, diffusion, and UV additives
  • Custom IR and NIR materials for specific wavelengths
  • Edge-lit transparent
  • Pearlescent colors
  • Frost colors
  • Fluorescent colors
  • FDA-approved colors
  • UV absorbers
  • Flame retardant (FR) materials

Custom Color Compounding

As one of the world’s leading custom color manufacturers for over 25 years, OptiColor is renowned for its unmatched, consistent quality that businesses need for their most critical applications. OptiColor is uniquely equipped to work with resins that support a wide variety of industries that include lighting, eyewear, food service, medical, automotive, lawn and garden, building and construction, and aerospace in addition to many others.

Offering low-order minimums with no upcharges and short 7-14 day lead-times, we make it easy and cost effective to get the highest quality services you can count on. Get in touch with OptiColor today to get started.