OptiColor is the leading provider of optical grade polycarbonate and Grilamid TR90 nylon color compounded material to some of the world’s top selling eyewear brands worldwide.


Grilamid TR®

•    TR90

•    TR90 LS

•    TR90 NZ

•    TR90 NZZ




Special Effects/Additives






Polycarbonate Lens Material

We custom tint lens grade PC for some of the world’s top brands and military applications.  Our customers come to us with highly critical requirements and expect superior quality, on every order, every time. This includes absolute color accuracy, specific wavelength filtering, light transmission values, 380 or 400 nm UV cutoff, and other critical specifications. Our optical lines run in a dedicated clean room and only run lens grade material, which ensures your optical project results in zero contamination consistently.

PC Lenses•    Lexan™ OQ PC

•    Makrolon® OQ PC

•    Other PC

•    Optical Quality

•    UV Stabilized

PC Lens Shields

Nylon Frame Material

As the largest consumer and color compounder of TR90 in North America to support our many eyewear and consumer electronics clients, we have become the unmatched experts at working with this material and creating special additives and effects to make our custom colors stand out from the crowd. We have the creative and technical ability to formulate innovative new materials for our customers to make their brands unique and unlike any other.

opti EYEWEAR nylon matl 4 (Small)

OptiGem Sparkle Material

  Available in stock gemstone colors or any custom color in TR90 nylon for unique, eye-catching frames that sparkle. No more costly painting! Call for a list of OptiGem colors