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Higest Quality...Fast Turnaround Times...No Minimum Orders

Opticolor, Inc. .. Specializing in Optical and Lighting Applications

As a molder of products in demanding industries like eyewear and light control, are you fed up with trying to get your large raw material supplier to listen to your urgent needs for new developmental colored materials?  Have you tried every color house who claims to offer every solution to every application only to be disappointed with poor inconsistent quality?  Well maybe you have finally found what you have needed for so long.

At OptiColor, we understand what it takes to provide the quality levels of major raw material manufacturers and provide the level of service needed to meet today's demanding business requirements in quantities and pricing that will help you close the deal with your clients.

Products & Services
Why Choose Opticolor Inc?
  • Fast color development
  • Lead times under two weeks
  • Orders volume from 250 lbs. - 5000 lbs.
  • Great pricing at all volumes
  • Highly knowledgeable, accessible and responsive
  • 100% accuracy and consistency